Established in 2012, we design our products in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. That is how we can design and make what you want to wear right now. With fast fashion culture, trends change so much quicker than it used to.

And our team is always working to bring those designs to life quickly by designing all of our products right here in Los Angeles.

As a local business, we support local businesses and aim to be a valuable asset to the local community.

Our mission is to design products that have a timeless appeal and a fit that is comfortable to wear every day. We use the latest in stretch technology like Lycra (T400) to bring you a product with unparalleled comfort.

From day one, we strive to provide customers with quality products that exceed customer expectations. All our passion, dedication, and creative talents are given to each product that we design. Our continued effort to provide best quality is how we repay for your continued support and loyalty.

Thank you for choosing Vibrant M.i.U.





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